Flood Water & Water Damage

Flood water damage often is contaminated water. Rivers and drains overwhelm and their contents enter into your property during such an event. Sometimes these include sewage and blood borne bacteria. Most of the water damage will be hidden to the naked eye and it is imperative that you make use of specialists who have extensive knowledge in dealing with flood restoration work.

If you don’t you run the risk of secondary damage - problems that were not initially detected – coming back to haunt you once you have already repaired the damage.

Think of it this way, if water was to penetrate the cavities between your walls and it was un-detected, do you think your insurance company would offer you a second payment, when you suddenly discover at a later date, that it has caused extra damage? Of course they won’t!

When restoring buildings that have suffered flood water damage, it is crucial that you understand the implications that this type of water causes to the very fabric of the building.

Ask Yourself:

  1.  Are you sure that all the water damage has been identified?
  2. Does my property need decontaminating?
  3. What is needed to put it right and how much will it cost?

Water and Flood Restoration

How Can We Help?

We can attend and mitigate the damage. We will isolate the ingression and pump out the water. Once safe, we can get drying equipment in and appoint one of our specialist building contractors to complete your flood restoration work. Our claims handling service may also be of interest.

Specialist Flood Damage Drying & Mitigation

Our RESTORE partners are experts in flood restoration. Restore are flood restoration specialists who deal extensively with water damaged properties. They will engage their highly qualified flood restoration technicians

to take the right steps so that you are comfortably back into your property as swiftly as possible. Insurers will ask you to obtain a few building repair quotes from local builders to reinstate the property.

However what happens next can be disastrous simply because many local builders simply do not understand how to treat water damaged properties to the same level as a dedicated flood restoration specialist and actually cause more harm than good.

This is why we utilise the services of Restore who have the experience, qualifications and the latest drying technology to ensure your property is restored back to the way that you loved it before. Call The Flood Insurance Claims Experts Now On 0208 517 7111

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