Water Leak Detection Services

We are extremely experienced in dealing with water leak detection. We have specialist teams and equipment who are able to trace a water leak efficiently and effectively with minimal disruption to your home or your business. Water leaks have the ability to leave long term damage to a property if left unidentified. If you believe you have a water leak call us for some free advice. We can assist in carrying out non-invasive diagnostic checks and the cost of this is usually recoverable from your insurance company.

Using our highly specialised non-intrusive equipment we are able to avoid traditional methods such as the tearing up of floors and stripping back of plaster to identify the leak. We can for example use thermal imaging cameras to scan the affected area for tell-tale signs and narrow the failed fitting to within 1cm.

By using detection in this way, the damage is minimal and we are able to undertake the repair without damaging any materials in your home such as expensive floors or wall finishes. After we have resolved the problem we are then able to rectify any water damage related issues to restore your premises to its original condition and liaise with the Insurance Company on your behalf.

Leak Detection

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