Loss Assessing


Loss Assessing is another word for Claims Handling. Dealing with an Insurance claim can be complicated, involves expensive professionals and is very time consuming.

Our partners Oakleafe Claims are experienced Loss Assessors who can handle your entire claim from start to finish. All the paperwork, meetings, telephone calls and negotiations on your behalf. Even if you are a good negotiator, are you an expert in Insurance claims?

We have everything in-house ready to respond quickly to your needs day or night. We will take over the entire process on your behalf by examining your policy and calculating your maximum entitlement.

We will deal with the parties hired by your insurance company to ensure the claim is accepted by them as soon as possible.

We are the only party in the entire Insurance claim process on your side working solely for you. Everyone else is engaged and paid for by the Insurance company who are solely looking after Insurers interests.

Claims Handling

We have been working on major fire and flood losses for over eight generations. Our skill and experience in this industry is passed on from previous generations. Many of our employees used to work for Insurers and bring a wealth of added value to any claim. Our customer testimonials are proof of this.

Don’t be bullied– let us stand shoulder to shoulder with you to obtain your full entitlement.
Call us today on 0208 517 7111 our 24/7 helpline for some free advice and consultancy.